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Hellooo! I’m Nirave, a 30-something technology journalist originally from the UK. Aside from a short stint in Dubai with my brother and sister before the recession, I’ve lived in North West London all my life.

In 2017, that all changed. Since 2015, I’ve been travelling for work quite frequently and it culminated with me moving to San Francisco. Moving to a new country with no family is an interesting challenge and that’s without the current social, economic and political environment in the US.

I previously ran a travel website – TechMeetsTravel – but a server and backup failure in December 2016 means it no longer exists. Unlike that endeavour, The Brit Abroad is more than just a travel blog. It’s.. My life, well the one I’m living right now.

Where will this lead? Who knows! Given that I have some flexibility in my role and where I work from, it can take me anywhere so grab a cup of tea and join me for the ride.

I appreciate you taking your time to read what I have to say. In a world where there’s millions of new things every second, I’m touched that you’d read my thoughts and would welcome any feedback! Hit me up on Twitter (@nirave) or via the contact form!